SHIFT (3 stars)

This article is from 2018


Blatant talent and dazzling acrobatics abound but struggle to fill the hour in Barely Methodical Troupe's new show

With Shift, it feels like acrobatic group Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT) has a really dazzling fifteen minute act. Dressed in sports-casual tracky bottoms and t-shirts in different shades of blue, they fling and spin one another round in weightless dance routines, before one of them breaks off and whirls on his shoulders and back like a propeller on the ground for 30 seconds.

They drag one another's limp bodies around like deadweight planks of wood, then break into a slow motion section when the action is broken down, frame by frame.

But as incredible as their mega-trusting interplay and robot gymnastic moves are, after an hour, it feels a bit samey. And as churlish as that may sound, considering the blatant talents of the four acrobats involved (Louis Gift, Elihu Vazquez, Charlie Wheeler and Esmeralda Nikolajeff, who gets to balance the boys on her strong shoulders once in a while), it does feel like their circus routine could be more developed, or maybe broken up with other types of performers.

Underbelly Circus Hub until 25 Aug, 4pm.


  • 3 stars

Experimental circus from Barely Methodical Troupe.