Pie Equals Square (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Pie Equals Square

Light-hearted but lightweight dance from the American Midwest

The company, GT Artistry is the creative brainchild of Gerry Timm. Now in his late 70s, this biomedical engineer, college professor and entrepreneur from the Midwestern American city of Minneapolis apparently loves dance.

What's more, the white-haired, sturdily-built fellow has genuine presence. I might've liked to have seen him actually dance, if only that were part of the remit for this 50-minute performance.

He's on and off the stage as some sort of silently questioning, lab-coated scientist, initially rolling about on the floor in a questioning turmoil and then making brief, recurring and sometimes literal walk-on appearances.

The bulk of the dancing – relaxed yet disciplined and kinda cute, although not always in the best sense – features patterned movement by a young, game and mixed cast of five in colourful, functional street clothes. They gambol and gurn their way about the stage as human specimens whose behaviour Timm's character seems to want to observe, analyse and understand.

It's all assembled with a modicum of style by Paula Mann, an experienced choreographer, and performed in an agreeable spirit. Ultimately, however, it feels pretty inconsequential. A production I sincerely wanted to like more.

Zoo Southside, until 22 Aug, 1pm, £14 (£12).

Pie Equals Square

  • 2 stars

GT Artistry A mad inventor applies logic to the absurd and abstract. Distant memories, ideas and images smash together. Surreal scenes and characters push, prod and taunt. We ask: what is irony? Where is sincerity? Who can I believe? Our inventor finds himself in a world where rules have changed and irreverence abounds.