Bob Slayer is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show) (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Bob Slayer is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show)

Fringe institution leads his audience on a very merry dance

First he bought a double-decker bus to perform in, and now for his 11th year at the Fringe, Bob Slayer has erected a SpielgelYurt. Slayer's new carpet-covered venue, with its literal open-door policy, adds to the sensation that we're at a house party rather than a show, as a motley collection of performers, an artist, the bouncer and curious passers-by join us throughout the hour.

Chatting to a comedian in the audience, Slayer announces that she 'even has material', which he thinks is cheating. His style is completely free-wheeling, regaling us with whatever funny stories or oddball comments pop into his head. In this particular show he performs 'Smoke on the Water' on an audience member's double bass, teaches us some Japanese comic catchphrases and has a quick Q&A with Kurt Cobain. It's quite likely that none of these will happen in future shows.

The joyous mayhem divides people into two loose camps: hooting with laughter or quietly baffled. There are dips in the show's momentum, but at a festival with plenty of scripted acts Slayer really does dance to the beat of his own drum: or in this case a music box called Sergey. For a taste of a totally different Edinburgh experience where latecomers are always admitted, go see the Fringe institution that is Bob Slayer.

Heroes @ The SpiegelYurt, 2–26 Aug (not 22), 9pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Bob Slayer Is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show)

  • 4 stars

The BlundaBus driver and Heroes of Fringe Creator presents: 'Everyone should spend an hour with Bob, loveably chaotic master of one unique Fringe experience after another…' (List). This year Bob's got a new toy made in Russia by a man called Sergey. Anything can happen if you let it. Winner of Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel…