One Life Stand (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

One Life Stand

credit: Jazz Harbord

Comforting like a warm blanket or a long-term relationship

In the time of tinder, social media and online porn, the politics of sex have morphed into a fast food order system of over indulgence, where desires are just a swipe away. If it's easier to contact old flames and to compartmentalise yourself, what's the value of being with someone who knows the unedited version?

One Life Stand is a musical that investigates these questions, through the eyes of long-term couple Kit and Kat and schoolgirl MoMo. At points, it flirts with feminism, like when MoMo resents her over-sexualisation by men, but it's clear social justice is not the main concern as Kit's 'barely legal' fetish goes unchecked throughout.

Instead, the central focus is the fragility of relationships and the loneliness that can be found even in long-term ones, the isolation and the gestures made to feel love. The pensive moments are balanced with lively music, sung phone notifications and what can only be described as a wank chorus, which allows for moments of humour but the overall atmosphere is one of comfort and disappointment, like foregoing sex to watch TV on the sofa, but it also captures the sweetness that can be found in those moments.

Roundabout at Summerhall, until 26 Aug, 9.45pm, £15-£14 (£13-£12).

One Life Stand

  • 4 stars

Exploration of sex, love and relationships in the modern world with music by James Frewer and Honeyblood.