The Big Bite Size Breakfast Show (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

The Big Bite Size Breakfast Show

A way to start the day easily

This series of sketch-like short plays is a popular fixture at the Fringe, not least for accompanying croissants and coffee: while many of the pieces are light and comic, they are performed with intensity and enthusiasm, and occasionally disguise slips satirical social comment beneath the surface humour. A Women's Institute meeting ponders radicalisation, a couple work through their emotional trauma with an athletic life coach, two goldfish reflect on meaning and, inevitably, memory: while the laughter might flow, there are sardonic comments on middle-class obsessions.

Yet the emphasis is on keeping it fast-paced and funny, and the commentary is suggestive rather than profound. At their best, the scripts delve into the personalities of the characters, as when the W.I. are motivated by a desire to maintain order while longing to appeal to a younger generation or a group of business people commandeer a sand-pit for relaxation purposes and banish the children.

The sketches do flag, playing out the scenarios for humour and sometimes relying on stereotypes. One goldfish, inevitably, has memory problems, and despite some furious physical exercise, the serious relationship therapy finale struggles to articulate its point despite some moving exchanges. However, with the compilations of short plays on rotation, the hour is an energising and refreshing start to a day.

Pleasance Dome, until Aug 27 (not 21), 10.20am, £12.50 (£12)

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

  • 3 stars

White Room Theatre Good morning, Edinburgh! Three funny, thought-provoking "menus" of ten-minute plays. Free coffee and tea, croissants, strawberries! Great UK and international writers. The perfect way to start your day. Stimulating, refreshing and engaging. Edinburgh Fringe Sell-Out Show 2017. Latest Award Best Theatre…