The Stevenson Experience: Spot the Difference (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

The Stevenson Experience: Spot the Difference

Sibling ribaldry and musical tomfoolery

The 'Experience' in question is identical twin brothers Benjamin and James from Sydney playing pleasingly amusing musical numbers. Though there's the obligatory game of musical spot the difference – you have to really don't you? – elsewhere there are more unexpected topics exploring the pitfalls of forgetting to change your address and each other's funeral eulogy.

As with many musical comedy acts, once you take away the music, the comedy doesn't particularly stand alone; but the charm in this act lies in the relationship between the siblings. Given that they've been communicating since they were in utero, it's no surprise that there's an easy and instinctive back and forth that is impressively quick witted.

Of course it's compulsory that double acts should entertain some kind of conflict and must be easier when you probably first bickered over a Rusk. James has the edge as the slightly older of the two by 30 minutes and this makes for a nice running joke about everything happening to Benjamin half an hour after James: even death. Spot the Difference may not be breaking any comedy ground but there's joy to be had in their camaraderie and there was no doubt tonight that they had the audience in their very similar palms.

Assembly George Square Studios, until 26 Aug, 10.30pm, £8.50–£11.50

The Stevenson Experience: Spot the Difference

  • 3 stars

RBM Comedy in association with A-List Entertainment As seen on the Comedy Channel. A brand-new show of uproarious musical comedy from Australia's favourite bickering identical twins. Settle in for hilarious songs that have seen them compared to Flight of the Conchords and Tim Minchin, mixed with their trademark sibling…