Sugar Baby (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Sugar Baby

Drug dealing heroes and troubled romances

Sugar Baby follows the trials and tribulations of Lisa and Marc, two people with the odds stacked against them, who are nevertheless dedicated to lifting themselves – and those they love – out of their suffering. Marc is a low level drug dealer with a heart of gold: disguising his wacky baccy plants with fake tomatoes, he looks after his old dad. Alan Harris' writing is full of heart and there's an underdog charm through Adam Redmore's performance.

The play starts with Marc attempting to borrow £6K from Oggy, a loan shark, to pay back his dad's £6,000 debt to the same man. Lisa, Marc's kind of high school sweetheart, however, seems to complicate everything. Oggy wants her to be his sugar baby, but the romance sparking between Marc and Lisa throws everything into turmoil. Sugar Baby is a feel good delight to watch, with warm performances that bring out the humour. There's a certain campness, a realism that keeps the action intriguing as the story becomes more ludicrous, while the characters retain their sweet charm as the challenges mount.

Summerhall, until 19 Aug, 6.55pm, £14–£15 (£12 –£13).

Sugar Baby by Alan Harris

  • 4 stars

Dirty Protest Being a small-time drug dealer in Cardiff is tough. Marc avoids his mum, disguises his cannabis plants with fake tomatoes at the allotment, and now has to bail his old man out of £6,000 owed to local loan shark Oggy. When he meets Lisa for the first time in years, things get even messier. Oggy wants Lisa.