Once in a Generation (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Once in a Generation

Hashing over the recent past

Once in a Generation is a funny and interesting examination of the impact of the Scottish referendum on familial discussion. Mary and Dave play the married couple at the centre of this show, and the opening section is entertaining in its portrayal of two opposing political viewpoints. Full of Scottish colloquialisms and informality, the characters are convincing in the portrayal of their relationship with each other.

However, this play struggles with two main problems. The first is the repetitive nature of the script and discussion throughout. Without any real plot, this play is reliant on the debate. However, by the end of the show - unfortunately - it often felt as it it were going round in circles. Secondly, the referendum took place four years ago. Whilst there was some reference to the lasting impact of the decision during a video montage at the end, it felt there was a missed opportunity in embracing the current debate and situation around independence today. If anything, this felt like a mere nostalgia trip, revisiting conversations that happened a while ago.

Despite that, there are some endearing moments, and at times Once in a Generation is an enjoyable, realist theatre performance.

The Mockingbird, run ended.

Once in a Generation…

  • 2 stars

Sandstone City Theatre It's the day of the referendum and Mary is on a high. Campaigning all day for independence, she returns home confident that a new era is dawning. Her husband Dave is just back from the rigs and despite being exhausted by both the journey and the 'relentless ref', he is home just in time to cast his…