Other People's Teeth (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

The Swell Mob

Strange mish-mash of thriller and romance has some fine moments

Dan Sareen's play is an eccentric combination of romantic comedy and Tarantino-inspired thriller, a slightly surreal production. Joss (Becky Downing) is an emotionally complex hitwoman, a little detached from the world. She embarks on a seemingly unlikely romantic relationship with nervy Simon (Shareen), a man obsessed with pluralism, mathematics and chess. Yet it works – she'll overlook his nerdiness, and he's willing to ignore the firearms.

Sol (Tom Claxton) is Joss' boss, and a sadistic misogynist who threatens the future of the young couple. So begins a tale with many twists, many of which hinge on the nature of chance, time and loyalty. This is reinforced by the ominous voice messages and films playing out on a screen behind the trio, which acts like a mosaic of logic to be pieced together.

It's nicely paced and well written. Sol's monologues about teeth biting into flesh expose his desire to be top dog, even if it's all really empty posturing.

The central romance is as well – judged as the more gritty scenes, with terrific chemistry, although it rather runs out of juice towards the end. A lovely central performance from Sareen brings a sweetness to proceedings when it all gets a little nasty.

C venues, until 19 Aug, 2.35pm, £9 (£5–£7).

Other People’s Teeth

  • 3 stars

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