What the Moon Saw (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

What the Moon Saw

credit: Luke Evans

Engaging, entertaining circus fun that tucks its audience up warm and cozy

Combining athletic dance with circus skills and a spot of parkour, 2Faced Dance has created a magical little play about fear, excitement and adventure.

Jack, played by a somewhat gurning Sam Buswell, is far too excited to sleep at bedtime. Instead he bounces round his bedroom, pulling tricks across the oversize set while Louise Parker-Evans as his grandad cleans up.

Once the lights are out, he's free to jump around under the light of the moon, drawing on his blackboard and adventuring out into the places he creates - up onto the rooftops, out to sea and, packing his toy dragon in his backpack, through the shelves into the realms beyond.

It's exciting stuff, with Jason Boyle as Moon swinging overhead and Parker-Evens reappearing in a different guise every time. The pair combined form a brilliant dragon that Jack magically calms, and each adventure provides a fear for Jack to overcome and a colour to bring to his chalks.

A message - about being afraid of the dark, apparently - is submerged to the point of invisibility in the presentation. But that matters not a jot as Jack breaks the fourth wall, winks at his audience and sets off on another adventure.

ZOO Southside, until 26 Aug (not 15), 11am, £9 (£7; family £28).

What the Moon Saw

  • 4 stars

Alone in the world and scared of the dark, young Jack opens his bedroom curtains to find a familiar friendly face, The Moon, who teaches him to be brave and adventurous. A production, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen, by 2Faced Dance Company.