Daughter (4 stars)

This article is from 2018


Adam Lazarus peels away a charming mask to reveal something monstrous

This shockingly confessional piece lures its audience into a false sense of security. Played by Adam Lazarus, the play's protagonist - The Father - is introduced enjoying a dance party with his 6-year-old daughter, wearing fairy wings. He's sweet-natured and is disarmingly honest about the struggles of raising a child. What follows is a deeply unsettling hour of theatre in which the father's mask slips, giving way to a cavalcade of violence, infidelity and misogyny.

Lazarus is terrific in his role. He's a consistently charming presence on stage - humorous too. He rolls his eyes remembering the exhausting experience of this daughter's birth: 'my wife had labour to keep her awake - what did I have?'. This selfish remark is passed off as a joke - but it's indicative of the father's attitude.

His likeable front remains even as his behaviour worsens. The most frightening thing is The Father's presentation as an everyman, his unassuming outfit and the way he talks as if his behaviour is normal and understandable, ending shameful admissions with a casual 'you know what I'm talking about, right?' Daughter boldly addresses the darkness eating away at men and the monstrous ways in which they exert power.

Canada Hub @ Kings Hall, until 26 Aug (not 13, 14, 20, 21), 12.30pm, £9–11.


  • 4 stars

Adam Lazarus The show that rocked Canada, sparking a thousand conversations with its head-on confrontation of toxic masculinity. Adam Lazarus plays The Father and he's done bad things in his life. Taking you through his struggles with love, lust and violence, he presents himself as a figure for our amusement, dismay, and…