It's Not Cute Anymore (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

It's Not Cute Anymore

Taking the millennial vibe a little further

Mini (Bel Knight) and Niamh (Clare Hoey) are two 20-somethings, stuck in dead-end jobs at 'Living Well Magazine', with a nightmare boss and a desire for more. They decide to give their shared dream of being professional writers a last chance: but should they just admit failure or keep trying?

Knight and Hoey play the egotistical and self-absorbed millennials: with tricksy comic timing, they capture their absurdity without making them unsympathetic. Through the use of techniques more familiar from television, the structure feels like a TV sketch show. Video projections display group chats, internet searches, Instagram stories and a particularly hilarious Youtube clips, focussing on the absurdities of the new codes and conducts of the internet generation.

There are moments, however, when the millennial stereotypes become so exaggerated that it shades into insulting. Their misplaced sense of entitlement doesn't speak for everyone in this age range and at times it feels like that's the line they're trying to push. Nevertheless, the duo are clearly at the start of their careers and their humour and stagecraft suggests greater things.

Underbelly Cowgate, until Sun 26 Aug, 1.30pm £9 (£8).

It's Not Cute Anymore

  • 3 stars

A campy vampy comedy directed by Tristan Schumacher.