Chase Scenes (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Chase Scenes

Postmodern play cuts to the chase for a whole hour

Ming Hon takes the old Hollywood saying of 'cut to the chase' to an extreme in this intelligent and often excellent play, in which she and two other female performers - Hilary Anne Crist and Alexandra Elliott – run for their lives for an hour. Mostly. Over the course of the hour they enact sixty chase scenes; some of which evoke terror (the 'axe' chase, and several titled 'nightmare'), some carry the influence of classic comedy (the banana skin slip up) and some are plain funny (a parkour chase is thrillingly playful).

There's more to the show though; despite the range of the pursuits – from the comedic to the bleak – the theatrical value of the chases alone would wear thin quickly. So while one of the group runs, two film – and the live footage jostles for position on the projectors, occasionally alongside home footage too. It's an inventive trick that breathes life into many of the scenes, providing alternative dimensions and different angles.

The end result is a postmodern piece that often juxtaposes terror and heroism, and considers the way film frequently aligns those cinematic contexts with gender roles. There's not enough variation in Chase Scenes to completely sustain the running time, but an enjoyable hour it is nonetheless.

Kings Hall @ Canada Hub, until 26 Aug (not 20), 2.25pm, £9–11.

Chase Scenes

  • 3 stars

Ming Hon Inspired by our collective nightmare of being chased and the manifestation of this in film culture and real-life experience, three women enact various chase scenes at a break-neck pace. In combination with video cameras displaying live-feed projections, a collection of props and costumes, the spectacle is both…