Denim: The Reunion Tour (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Denim: The Reunion Tour

Electrifying pop covers and heartfelt messages about love and acceptance set the stage on fire

For reasons unknown, drag supergroup Denim decided to part ways. Tonight they've reunited after '20 long years' for 'one night only', and the time apart has been good to the queens. Elektra has made saving the mongoose her life's work; Crystal and Aphrodite penned the Broadway hit Being John Meow-kovich; Shirley's become a cult leader; and Glamrou is in a loving relationship with her anti-depressants. But is everything quite as it seems?

In less capable hands, such a narrative device could have come off as hackneyed or manipulative, but instead, the emotional pay-off is absolutely enormous. Each queen has their moment in the limelight, but their incredible harmonies and dazzling stage presence as an ensemble makes you long for them to get back together (even if they haven't actually split up).

A stirring performance of 'Underneath Your Clothes' with its message of self-love exposes the sensitive core behind the glitter beards and eye shadow. That's where Denim truly hits their stride through an earnest celebration of difference, fluidity and friendship. By the time the quintet have reunited (because of course they were going to) and are belting out a rendition of 'Survivor' that would make even Queen Bey proud, there is quite literally dancing in the aisles.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 26 Aug (not 25), 10.30pm, £13–£14 (£12–£13).

Denim: The Reunion Tour

  • 4 stars

Soho Theatre and United Agents After a sell-out global pop tour that came to an earth-shattering finale in Edinburgh last year – Denim broke up. Humanity has been in mourning. But now, through pop, laughter and love, these five queens will reunite for one night only. All month. 'A quintet of queens with voices as true as…