Sèayoncè (3 stars)

This article is from 2018


Ridiculous fun that pushes the boundaries

Drag performer Sèayoncè, a self-styled 'ghost whisperer', is here to answer the big questions posed by life and death while reconnecting with the deceased, and pushing the limits of bad taste as far as she possibly can. Within this suitably dark and dingy venue, she conducts her final seance in an effort to contact her late lover, Grigori Rasputin.

Featuring poetry from Jack the Ripper, dating tips from Henry VIII and a raucously sassy Mary Magdalene, this is not a show for the easily offended. Outrageous, blasphemous and daftly infectious, Sèayoncè's scattershot affair features more than its fair share of awful puns and obvious gags, but with a nod and a wink to tonight's game crowd she can get away with more or less anything (including stroking a 'crystal' ball that's anything but).

Occasionally bursting into song, Sèayoncè has a cracking voice, well amplified in this intimate space, and she effortlessly persuades the room to sing along, especially during her closing medley. She's great fun to be around, and it's almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in the ridiculous, camp fun.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 26 Aug, 8.40pm, £6 in advance or donations at the venue.


  • 3 stars

Daniel Wye 'Do you believe in love… afterlife?' (Ghost of Cher). Presenting the late, great Ghost Whisperer… Séayoncé! Join this mismatched mystic as she explores the spirit world (her drinks cabinet) and chats with those on the other side. Plus, she regales juicy tales of her past and your future. A dragtastic séance for…