Jamie Macdonald: Blinkered (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Jamie Macdonald: Blinkered

Gifted storytelling with the politics left out

'Mum, stop answering every question!' With his mother in the crowd tonight (along with her friend Margaret), Jamie MacDonald could be forgiven for being distracted. But what might have led to some awkward moments (she and Margaret are the butt of many of his jokes and some of his ire) turns into an unexpected bonus.

Describing himself as 'that funny blind guy', MacDonald explains that this is a set absolutely about his blindness and the funny situations it has put him in. After a slightly unsteady start, the Scot settles in nicely and the crowd responds well to his growing confidence. Gesticulating passionately with his folded white stick, he tells stories from his past, such as when he worked as a banker, surrounded by macho arseholes all trying to out-arsehole each other while he simply tried (in vain) to get along.

He later details the ridiculous process of converting his benefits at the behest of a Tory government still mired in maladministration, although he holds well back from deep political commentary. This isn't that sort of show. It is, however, consistently funny, with the story about a humiliating holiday to Marseilles a particular highlight. MacDonald is a gifted storyteller and he uses his varied vocal talents to really bring the various characters from his tales to life.

Assembly Rooms, until 26 Aug, £10.50–£11.50 (£8.50–£9.50).

Jamie MacDonald: Blinkered

  • 3 stars

Jamie MacDonald talks about the lighter side of being blind.