Leo Kearse: Right-Wing Comedian (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Leo Kearse: Right-Wing Comedian

Less turns out to be more when it comes to political content

While Leo Kearse may dub himself the 'right-wing comedian', and who last year insisted that he could make people Tory, his political opinions turn out to be a little more nuanced from your average Conservative. For one thing, while he clearly has no time for Jeremy Corbyn, Kearse is fulsome in his belief that the rail network should be re-nationalised. Although this is mainly down to seeking more convenience within his own life than anything amounting to an ethical crusade.

Insisting that he moved away from Scotland because he wanted to get away from poor people is a rather cheap shot and fails to work on its own terms given that poverty doesn't especially recognise borders. Where Kearse's show works best (and when it flies it really does soar to some great comedic heights), is when he lays down his arms and simply shoots the comedic breeze. So, his dissection of how annoying it is to try and book a train ticket online is amusing in itself without any political interference, but it fades into the background when it comes to hilarity with the tremendously awkward moment when he recalls getting too up close and personal with a pig in Haiti.

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Leo Kearse: Right-Wing Comedian

  • 3 stars

Leo Kearse Scottish Comedian of the Year, Leo Kearse returns with the follow up to I Can Make You Tory. Poking fun at liberal sanctimony and hypocrisy, Leo takes on millennials, #metoo, environmentalists and Jeremy Corbyn, showing why socialists are selfish and Trump is great. 'A giant of the art' (Chortle.co.uk). 'A…