The Miss Behave Gameshow (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

The Miss Behave Gameshow

Anarchic and interactive gameshow for adults

Chaotic, messy and anarchic: these words may have mostly negative connotations but they also provide the best definition of The Miss Behave Gameshow. With audience participation at its core, it's a totally unpredictable and frenzied interactive show in which host Miss Behave splits the audience in two according to their phone preferences, leading them through a series of random games and challenges. Anyone reluctant to participate is soon taken in by the camaraderie and competitive nature of the room, becoming accessories to Miss Behave's shenanigans in no time.

The hit production has made its way back to Edinburgh from its Las Vegas residency, with Miss Behave accompanied by her fabulous assistant Tiffany (aerial hoop expert Bret Pfiste), who performs various dance numbers throughout, somersaulting across the stage and twerking at the audience with his trademark glamour and sass.

With games like 'Shazam That Riff' and 'The Laid Lottery', flying plastic balls and a decent amount of nudity, the show doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but therein lies the beauty of it. The Miss Behave Gameshow provides a reminder of the unjust and often unreasonable nature of daily life while offering a celebratory hour away from it all.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 18 Aug, 10.45pm, £12.50–£14 (£10.50–£12).

The Miss Behave Gameshow

  • 4 stars

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