Little Death Club (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Little Death Club

credit: Rod Penn

Cabaret with hilarious satire and a true punk spirit

With its allusions to the hedonism of the Weimar cabaret and insistence on celebrating difference, Little Death Club is a beautifully dark and satirical show that places emphasis on the joys of sexuality and diversity. Award-winning cabaret star Bernie Dieter embodies all the elements of a model host, with her charismatic presence and wonderfully inappropriate interactions with the audience setting the tone for a steady stream of excellent and provocative acts.

In between the various performers, Dieter sings about dick pics and emojis, owning the spotlight with her dynamic magnetism. Dieter's vocals are accompanied by a three-piece band that perform a range of genres, matching the raucous spirit of the show itself. Each performer offers something fresh, from Jess Love's skilful hula-hooping to drag queen Myra DuBois' hilarious butchering of the Chess duet 'I Know Him So Well'. In between, there's some intense fire breathing, nudity, a thoroughly pissed off mime and plenty of debauchery.

One of the final sequences, which sees Dieter singing to the stunning movements of a male trapeze artist, is atmospheric and a truly affecting moment that falls perfectly between the risque jokes and more eccentric segments of the show. This is unconventional cabaret, with each artist subverting their own brand of performance art, adding an element of punk spirit and humour along the way.

Underbelly's Circus Hub on the Meadows, until 25 Aug, 8pm, £12.50–£15 (£11.50–£14).

Little Death Club

  • 4 stars

Cabaret with punkish jazz accompaniment, circus acts and a fire-breathing sideshow.