Susan Harrison is a Bit Weepy (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Susan Harrison is a Bit Weepy

credit: Idil Sukan

Odd scenarios and weird observations

The child of pathologically modest parents, pocket-sized performer Susan Harrison found herself fed up acting out a performative happiness after her marriage broke down. So she took her minor meltdown – and the fact that she could no longer cope with daily chores like sending invoices, but bizarrely found her anxiety soothed by improvising musicals – and made a character sketch show about it.

The grey-tinted glasses of depression are slipped on by Madame Melancholy, a macabre woman who brings sorrow to the most mundane of situations. Meanwhile, the baby hedgehog that went viral after looking cute while eating on his back is conjured up with a DIY costume involving clothes pegs and a wonky wig. The popular mindfulness app, Headspace, gets a nod in a skit about how annoying it would be to have a husband with the soothing voice that guides the gentle meditations, and Whitney Houston provides backing vocals for a bit about a 1980s mum on a hen do.

Harrison's observations about the weirdness of north London flatshares and her sometimes overwhelming fear of change are acted out with lots of warmth. She also bonds quickly with her crowd as she uses them as bit parts for her odd scenarios.

Voodoo Rooms, until 25 Aug (not 13), 2pm, donations.

Susan Harrison Is a Bit Weepy

  • 3 stars

Susan Harrison's latest multiple character show. Madame Melancholy, a lonely woodland creature, an Apocalyptic Weather Girl - Susan's characters are inspired by sadness but performed with joy. Sometimes weird, often silly but always entertaining. 'First class comic acting' The Guardian 'A fantastic character comedian…