Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down

Stereotypes tackled in brilliant but too-short show

A commonly heard comedy rule is to 'not punch down', which causes Tim Renkow some difficulties. He has cerebral palsy, is from the American south, has both Mexican and Jewish heritage, and has been called every racial slur you can imagine. 'Frankly, I find it insulting', he says. 'I gave you options, officer.'

Renkow's show is a riotous run through the world of stereotypes where nothing is out of bounds. The only downside is an occasional over-reliance on the shock tactics (his 'offensive' ending is odd, given that he's tied the show up already), and a running time that's ten minutes too light. Some shows you wish would hurry up and finish, but this isn't one.

As you'd expect from a comedian of over ten years, Renkow's timing comes naturally, his writing and wordplay strong to boot (the London night bus is 'Lord of the Flies in a tin can'). His sexual anecdotes (not run of the mill stuff) are compelling, and a joke about playing up his disability to avoid paying for things is outstanding, an example of the shock stuff done very well. The room roars with laughter. Punching down certainly works for him.

Monkey Barrel, until 26 Aug (not 15, 22), 8pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down

  • 3 stars

Tim Renkow and United Agents / Heroes Comedy’s one rule is 'no punching down'. Tim Renkow is a crippled, redneck, Mexican Jew. It’s hard for him to find a group he is not allowed to make fun of, which is insulting. Join Tim as he tries to find a group that is off-limits and prove that he's not the bottom of the social…