Cirque Berserk! (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Cirque Berserk!

Step right up for tickling and thrilling family entertainment

The pace never slackens in this slick, zesty serving of knowingly Vegas-style variety circus acts, spotlighting a big international cast. The performance is wall-to-wall fun, striking just the right balance between the genuine and the tongue-in-cheek. It also looks and fits great in this venue.

Attention is grabbed from the get-go by the seven waistcoated, somersaulting Timbuktu Tumblers. Chief among other hit performers are Bolas Argentinas, featuring the macho camp of a showbiz gaucho who patently loves ruffling his own long, curly black hair by fastly spinning two weighted balls on cords, and the Czech knife-thrower who sends lethal instruments flying in the direction of a blissfully beaming female counterpart.

Or the oh-so-deft French female foot juggler. Or the quasi-fierce Tropicana Troupe from Cuba, feather-adorned specialists of teeter board jumps. Or, without doubt, the insanely thrilling Lucius Team: four bikers zooming at speed inside a circular cage known as the Globe of Death: inhaling petrol fumes has never been such a kick.

Even the Brazilian clowns are delightful. Dubbed the Mustache Brothers, their characterful brand of adept knockabout outclasses most of what you'd see at Cirque du Soleil, leaving you grinning throughout the entire 75 minutes of this generous slab of happy-making entertainment.

Pleasance @ EICC, until 26 Aug (not 22), times vary, £15.50–£19.50 (£10–£15).

Cirque Berserk!

  • 4 stars

Contemporary cirque style artistry with jugglers, acrobats, dancers and drummers plus a legendary circus act with a motorcycle.