Mick Sergeant

This article is from 2008.

Mick Sergeant

God-bothering former shipyard worker makes Fringe character debut

Touted as the next Steve Coogan, this year marks the first solo show for character comic Lee Fenwick who has previously delighted Fringe crowds as one half of spoof German techno band Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus. For his debut, Fenwick is presenting his creation Mick Sergeant, a man down on his luck after being made redundant from the shipyards and who is missing wife Donna since she left him. Mick has turned to stand-up to get his life back on track but comedy can’t hide all of life’s scars as his stage show proves. So convincing have been Fenwick’s performances that audiences have thought that Sergeant, who looks like a cross between Ron Mael from Sparks and George Roper from George and Mildred, was real.

‘It can go one of two ways,’ he explains. ‘Either they feel sorry for Mick or they think he’s just a crap comedian. The first time I did London, I think they thought some mentalist had managed to get on stage.’ The mentalist edge to Sergeant is compounded by his habit of going off-script: ‘He will start talking to people who aren’t there, including God, but Mick always comes back eventually.’
The Stand III & IV, York Place, 0131 558 7272, 2—24 Aug (not 11), 1.40pm, £7 (£6). Preview 1 Aug, £6 (£5).

Fringe Double Bill

  • 4 stars

Two of the most anticipated shows in the festival come to the Weedge: marvellous character comedy with 'Oh Shit, It's Mick Sergeant!' followed by Seymour Mace's latest work: 'Testamental: Bible Stories Told By An Idiot'.

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