Penguinpig (3 stars)

This article is from 2018


Puppetry with a message

If you're going to make a successful kids shows with a message, either let that message grow out of your story or, as Barmpot Theatre do here, announce it without shame or discomfort.

And you know, it works. A Penguinpig is something Sophie saw on the internet, the cute little puppet tells us in her 'story of long, long ago in a place far, far away...'. Or rather, last week at home. She, and her cuddly sausage dog Spike, go on to tell us about looking at animals on her mum's tablet, finding out about a Penguinpig (it lives in a shoe, eats children's socks and they have one at the zoo) then going off one Sunday morning to the zoo, on her own...

The puppetry, is both well-conceived and inventively done. The parents are just legs – a screen rolls down to become the shadow puppet tablet, and the place of Sophie's dream when the Penguinpig comes to life.

Oh yes, there is a Penguinpig. It dances on the audience's heads in the same way as Spike comes to get his tummy scratched. Of course we know it isn't real, it's a puppet, make-believe. And now we know that the internet isn't always real either.


  • 3 stars

When Phoebe reads about an incredible creature called a Penguinpin on the Internet, she becomes determined to find it. A cautionary tale about e-safety, filled with puppets and music. Based on the book by Stuart Spendlow and illustrated by Amy Bradley.