Larry Dean: Bampot (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Larry Dean: Bampot

A mixed assortment of the hilarious and the hack

There have been many incidences down the years when comedians had to completely rewrite their Fringe show due to an unforeseen development that made their pre-prepared hour largely redundant. When Larry Dean confides in us about the recent break-up with his Australian boyfriend (his dad doesn't know about it, so keep mum, OK?) he was relieved to go over his material and realise that the routines worked perfectly well whether he was in a relationship or not.

The 2013 Scottish Comedian of the Year kicks off by with the slightly hack observation that a Glaswegian accent sounds innately threatening even when its owner is voicing something perfectly benign. He's on firmer ground when discussing his own menacing eyes and mimicking his father's facial quirks, but it's only when he gets into the story of that recently-ended partnership that Bampot truly takes off.

Aided and abetted by anecdotal diversions into his own experiences of child therapy and the perils and pitfalls of relieving yourself sexually in a train station toilet, the laughter and bonhomie keep on flowing. And the heartfelt finale will have any Larry Dean sceptics left in the room resolutely on his team.

Assembly Checkpoint, until 26 Aug (not 15), 5pm, £8.

Larry Dean: Bampot

  • 3 stars

Larry presents a new hour of thoughts on Scottishness, sodomites and self-esteem.