Rob Kemp's Wheel of Shows (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Rob Kemp's Wheel of Shows

credit: Ed Moore

Disappointing meta follow-up to a cult hit

Proclaiming that he is defiantly neither a musical comedian nor 'that film guy', Rob Kemp's new show sheds little light on what he actually is. Having ripped up last year's Fringe with the cult late-night hit of The Elvis Dead (in which he energetically performed Presley classics which he'd rewritten to fit with scenes from Evil Dead 2 which played on a screen behind him), it's clear that he was at a loss what to do next. Deciding that the best option available was to do a follow-up show about doing a follow-up show, this meta affair (with strong hints that he's been watching a lot of Stewart Lee lately) regrettably doesn't amount to a great deal.

Dressed in a black and white suit (which might make you think of the prisoner outfits from olden times), he begins by misremembering the events of last August and later recalls a dream he had featuring the likes of Vanilla Ice and Bruce Hornsby which reveals his fear of being a similar one-hit wonder.

Admitting to having made a 'terrible mistake' and later screaming 'I've got nothing!' as a defence for the lightweight hour he's put together here, it's difficult not to nod sadly in agreement.

Monkey Barrel, until 26 Aug (not 13), 1.15pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Rob Kemp's Wheel of Shows

  • 2 stars

Rob Kemp / Heroes Feeling pressured by his success last year with The Elvis Dead, Rob Kemp returns with ten(!) shows stuck to a spinning wheel. He'll perform whichever show it stops on. The idiot. Will it be Beatlesjuice? Godzilla with puppets? Something self-referential set in a bookshop? Who knows? Not him, cos the…