This article is from 2008.


The happy product of windowless vans and rock royalty fans

This Glasgow-based foursome jump to the sound of the raging bull. Or so say their Japanese fans, according to glowing reviews reworked by one of the internet’s more established language translators. Warm and chatty frontman Jack Valentine can’t stop chuckling about it, but Japan is not the only place to have fallen head over heels for this quirky outfit’s rhythmic indie pop. Formed just over a year and a half ago, the band kick-started their ascent to stardom after bagging a successful support slot with rock royalty Franz Ferdinand. If it hadn’t been for a friend’s rather unusual birthday wishes, however, Isosceles might never have existed at all.

‘She was turning 30 and asked her boyfriend to put on a pretend music festival,’ Valentine explains. ‘He got BMX Bandits and a few other established acts involved but most of us were just made up, joke bands. We had a week to prepare and when we played everyone really liked it so we decided to continue.’ With a debut album on the way, written in the back of a windowless van and influenced by a teenage diet of Bis, The Beatles, Northern Soul and Serge Gainsbourg, Isosceles are definitely ones to watch.
Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, 0844 499 9990, 17 Aug, 7pm, £6.

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