Olaf Falafel: There's no i in idiot (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Olaf Falafel: There's no i in idiot

Unique logic takes us on a silly journey

At first, an Olaf Falafel show appears as random as a bag of Revels whose contents have been entirely replaced by parsnips. But in amongst the daftness somehow a semblance of sense and structure begins to emerge, albeit that which adheres to a uniquely Falafel kind of logic involving dolphins, tiny Mexican waves and The Cure's Robert Smith. There can't be many shows at this year's Fringe more loveably idiotic than this. Even Falafel's version of that stand-up staple opener of comedically pointing out what you look like is far more inventive than most.

Among the ridiculous and surreal ideas is Jenga with old people, a series of silly funerals and throughout Falafel returns to Biscuitology, where he tells your fortune by what biscuit you favour. But frankly, that makes as much sense as personality traits based on what time of the year you were born.

There's plenty of skill in evidence though as well as a love of the English language – his second of course, him being Swedish – within his myriad of one-liners, plays on words and puns aplenty. The childlike joy of this middle-aged Scandinavian builds to an equally nonsensical climax topping off his hour of silly.

Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree, until 20, 26 Aug (not 14), 2.45pm; 21–25 Aug, 12.15pm, donations.

Olaf Falafel – There's no i in idiot

  • 3 stars

Olaf Falafel Critically acclaimed idiot Olaf Falafel is back with another hour of inventive jokes, audience participation and the very loosest of themes. You'll laugh, you'll be confused, you'll enjoy most of it. ‘A wonderful hour of professional silliness’ (List). ‘A barrage of absurdist humour and sharp one-liners…