Stuart Goldsmith: End Of (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Stuart Goldsmith: End Of

credit: Matt Crockett

Priceless musings on a different life

It's so often the case for comedians that when life takes a turn for the ordinary, there's only so much inspiration you can glean from going to work and looking after your kids. Despite being recently married and with a second child on the way, those events certainly haven't removed Stuart Goldsmith's talent for crafting a gag. Indeed, he derives material from his toddler son, having no friends anymore and stopping at a petrol station for a snack on the way home from a gig. In many other comics' hands it could seem pedestrian, but Goldsmith is still endlessly inventive.

This hour is truly a comedy masterclass, mining the intriguing within the mundane; there's a vicious take down of the Little Miss kids' books while his description of attempting to reach for his second pain au chocolat in the car is priceless: or 'pathetic' as his young son might say.

His analogies too are intelligent and evocative whether it's passing on life advice back down the line like Shackleton's team shouting to each other as they cross the Antarctic or a suitable Play-Doh style punishment for sex offenders. Thankfully, Stuart Goldsmith has still got it.

Liquid Room Warehouse, until 26 Aug (not 16), 2.50pm, donations.

Stuart Goldsmith: End Of

  • 4 stars

Comedic odyssey through future selves, diseases and whether men as a species are worth saving, from Stuart Goldsmith.