OCD Love (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

OCD Love

credit: Regina Brocke

A powerful International Festival debut by L-E-V Dance Company

Techno pulses pummel perfectly in time with the pained, repetitive choreography in this intense, dark and highly-charged work from L-E-V Dance Company. Based on American poet Neil Hilborn's OCD, OCD Love is the creation of choreographer Sharon Eyal and multimedia stage designer Gai Behar, with sound design by DJ Ori Lichtik.

Just as they did six years ago when the staggeringly good Batsheva Dance Company performed during the Edinburgh International Festival (Eyal was a dancer, then associate artistic director for Batsheva, and house choreographer until 2012), anti-Israel protesters also demonstrated outside the venue for L-E-V Dance.

Unfazed, five dancers jerked, spasmed and sine-waved through 55 minutes of tense, mechanical movements, at times synchronising with each other like animatronic insects; at other times dislocating into anxious ripples of limbs. Lichtik's music begins as a ticking, insistent beat, and builds into a pounding, techno bassline. A weaponised use of the body; poking out eyes, slapping hard under armpits, scratching fast on skin, gets across the torturous, intrusive nature of obsessive compulsive disorder. But there is incredible harnessed energy in the piece too, which blends awkward, contorted shapes with smoother, beautiful moments of clenched passion. A stunning double-jointed study of angst in motion.

Reviewed at Kings Theatre, 9 Aug.

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