An Evening with Amanda F*cking Palmer (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

An Evening with Amanda F*cking Palmer

credit: Michael Murchie

Queen of controversy back like you've never seen her before

If you were expecting to come to Amanda Palmer's new show and enjoy a punk rock party — then you will leave disappointed. This time Palmer insists that she's putting on a sad show. So much so that when she previewed it earlier in the year, audience members said they left because it was just too upsetting.

Taking inspiration from Hannah Gadsby's Nanette and Bruce Springsteen's Broadway show, Palmer presents a stripped back set using nothing but piano, vocals and ukulele, interspersed with anecdotes about her life.

Her set is made up of fan favourites like 'Ampersand', 'Oasis', and 'Map of Tasmania', accompanied by explanations of the inspiration behind them, which delightfully sheds new light on their meaning. Palmer also packs in plenty of new material inspired by her new experiences as a mother and wife — as well as the many controversies that have overshadowed her and the USA's current political landscape.

An undeniably talented singer-songwriter, her warm demeanour and 'one of you' attitude has made her a cult favourite. However, her long speeches about the problematic situations she's been in (Kickstarter, not paying her band), mixed with the fact she keeps urging us that it is a 'sad' show, makes it feel like she's trying to make the audience feel sorry for her.

Ultimately, this show is for die-hard fans, not anyone looking for her to be held accountable for her dubious practices.

Queen's Hall, 10, 17 & 18 Aug, 7pm, £26.50.

An Evening With Amanda F*cking Palmer

  • 3 stars

Amanda Palmer The un-pinndownable musical force known as Amanda F*cking Palmer (Dresden Dolls, Eveyln Evelyn) returns to the Fringe, this time armed with only a piano and a ukulele. Palmer’s shows are a combination of uplifting, humorous and tear-jerking, often all in the same song. Expect special guests ranging from…