Brainiac Live! (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Brainiac Live!

Former TV show is re-born as explosive scientific fun

'The show that farts in the sleeping bag of science,' is what Brainiac Live! proudly declares itself, and it becomes hard to imagine that this perfectly pitched show for young kids who want to hear rude jokes and see things blow up, was once aimed at adults; or at least, the television show from the 2000s was.

Now, however, this big-room event in the McEwan Hall is situated in a space which reverberates with the sound of exploding oil drums and screaming kids. Although it's fair to say that this probably isn't a show for kids who are susceptible to loud noises – or at least those not yet able to read the fingers-in-ears warning signs.

Yet for most, Brainiac Live! appears to be absolutely thrilling, with our quartet of hosts (Ned, Ed, Raz and Dave) conducting live 'experiments' which have more grounding in the world of stunts, albeit with hard science backing them up.

This involves running through a sheet of plasterboard, shooting free T-shirts at the crowd through air cannons, blowing smoke rings at them with a special bazooka contraption and popping oxygen-filled balloons with an almighty bang, as well as visual quizzes and facts between scene changes.

Racket aside, it's an accessible and informative show which speaks to kids about the excitement and mystery of science.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 27 Aug (not 13), 11am, £12--£15 (£10--£13).

Brainiac Live!

  • 4 stars

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