Better Together (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Better Together

Clowning show with a right-on message

The three clowns of Better Together manage, just about, to overcome the problems of a title that is guaranteed to alienate almost half its potential Scottish audience. Although it still has that unpleasant taste of being told what is good for you.

A clown at a bus stop? That's great. A clown listening to their walkman and dancing? Even better. Two clowns? Double the fun – particularly when they're both listening to music and can't hear each other. It just gets more and more silly as they roll around the stage.

Add a third clown – the wonderfully bendy, athletic Avi Simmons who can't stop looking at her phone – and a long-running gag about waiting on a bus, and this could be an hour of pure wonderment, sight gags and rollocking physical comedy.

The innate silliness of modern life where our hand-held devices get in the way of our friendships is a solid starting point, and when the clowning grows out of such silliness, this is properly giggle-inducing. But that is also its message and there are just too many times when the message becomes the point of the show – rather than a consequence of its comedy.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 19 Aug, 10.30am, £8–£10 (£7–£8).

Better Together

  • 3 stars

Acá Theatre Join the three delightful clowns who make waiting for a bus a tragically complicated affair. Tropizo, Doa and Squiggle are on a journey to become best friends. But how do you make real friends in a modern world? Through loneliness and laughter, they learn to cast aside the everyday distractions that stand in…