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This article is from 2018

User Not Found

Living on after death online

What do you want to happen to your online legacy when you die? All those drunken tweets, ill-advised Facebook posts, dodgy Instagram snaps: do you really want them sticking around when you're gone? Or are they an indelible part of your identity, and crucial to those you leave behind?

That's the timely theme behind Dante or Die's touching solo show, staged very effectively with specially doctored smart phones and headphones in a café down the road from the Traverse.

It's there that Terry spends his time, somewhat aimless after breaking up with Luka, his boyfriend of nine years. His first shock is a slew of texts and emails offering condolences on Luka's sudden passing. His second is that Luka has appointed him executor of his online legacy.

User Not Found is a poignant, thoughtful show, and Chris Goode's exquisitely rendered script paints a tender picture of lost love and reluctant but inevitable grief. Terry O'Donovan gives a marvellously sly, lithe performance – literally so in his restless, snake-like traversals of the café space.

The show might feel a little too whimsical to truly grapple with issues surrounding our online identities. But as a portrait of twice-lost love, it's heartbreaking. And a couple of truly moving moments remind us that, for all the show's technological cleverness, what's vital to us all is human contact.

Traverse at the Jeelie Piece café, until 26 Aug (not 13, 20), 8pm, £20.50 (£15.50).

User Not Found

  • 4 stars

Dante or Die It's the moment of your death. There's a magic button. Do you delete your entire online legacy? Or do you keep it and leave the choice for someone else? User Not Found is about our digital identities after we die. This new play by celebrated site-specific company Dante or Die and pioneering writer Chris Goode…