Casus: You & I (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Casus: You & I

Small-scale circus with a gay male relationship at the core

It's a good thing that the two creator-performers of this Edinburgh world premiere from Casus, a company that previously scored with Fringe hits Knee Deep and Dritftwood, are patently skilful and easy on the eye. Why? Because the basic material they've come up with is pretty thin. Not disagreeable, mind you, but also not game-changing. Unless, that is, you regard same-sex relationships in a circus context as radical. To me, it all depends upon what you do with what you've got, and I'm not convinced they do enough.

Lachlan McAuley, compact and blond, and lanky, brunette Jesse Scott are well-paired. The show is presumably set in a stage representation of their home, where they dance tango tinged with acrobatics, and play dragging up games via clothes pulled out of a trunk.

Then McAuley disappears, temporarily, triggering Scott being morose on a trapeze. Eventually they're reunited, and build and balance atop a stack of chairs before a double trapeze finale. Alas, the domestic details aren't especially interesting, nor do the performance's emotional undercurrents generate much dramatic resonance. Pity, because both men have likable stage presences and, as stated, are no slouches in terms of their circus prowess.

Assembly Roxy, until Aug 26 (not 20), 3.10pm, £12 (£10.50).

Casus: You & I

  • 3 stars

Casus Circus Poets spend their lives writing about it, everyone thinks about it, but when love is between two men some people turn a blind eye. This transparent journey of love, circus and friendship celebrates the importance of being visible in a world of closed doors. This empowering explosion of skill and identity…