Extinguished Things (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Extinguished Things

Intimate and charming storytelling with a hint of romance

Molly Taylor is a gifted storyteller with a canny ability to present events that are recognisably real and lived, but that become tinged with an almost otherworldly romance and poignancy in their telling. With direction by Jade Lewis, this piece may be simple in both premise and execution, but nonetheless creates a vivid world for audience members to fall into.

One day, Molly's childhood neighbours leave their flat for a holiday and never return. She enters with a spare key and examines the life of a couple married for 40 years without children. Mixing her own experiences with those of Al and Evie, Taylor creates an emotional narrative that darts forward and backwards in time, each moment revealing more about the couple, their relationship and the world they lived in.

In the unconventional space of Summerhall's anatomy lecture theatre, with the audience peering down upon Taylor, she draws everyone into the home that Al and Evie inhabited for so long. What at first feels like intrusion soon becomes a comfort, as we get to know – and care for – the couple more and more. An absorbing hour that brings to light the lives being lived behind closed doors.

Summerhall, until 26 Aug (not 20), 7.25pm, £11.50 (£9).

Extinguished Things

  • 4 stars

Molly Taylor 'My neighbours leave their flat one morning but don't return. Al and Evie, married 40 years, no kids. I have their spare keys. I cannot resist.' Award-winning writer/performer Molly Taylor pieces together the story of two lives intertwined. Vivid and lyrical, Extinguished Things is a captivating exploration…