The Aspirations of Daise Morrow (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

The Aspirations of Daise Morrow

Theatrical adaptation of a short story by Australian Nobel Prize-winning writer Patrick White

The Aspirations of Daise Morrow sees two neighbouring families go through the same day: the Whalleys are getting ready for another day at the dump, while the middle-class Hogburns are preparing to bury the free spirit, Daise Morrow.

With the musicians sat among the audience, and the actors moving through the spectators, Daise Morrow is a unique and immersive experience. By constantly shifting between playing characters and narrating parts of the story, the actors uncover tension between the families, and reveal Daise's love story that scandalised the residents of her small town.

The intimate setting is heightened by the four actors each taking on various characters, relying on props to help them shift personas. As a result it can be challenging to keep track of everyone and their place in the story, until later clarification that a particular hat or shawl signifies Mrs Hogburns or Daise herself.

The excellent acting and precise staging succeeds in capturing Partick White's performative writing. Daise Morrow is captivating, easily shifting from humorous observations to moments of sheer energy or emotion. The flashback to Daise's first encounter with her lover, in particular, remains a highlight of poetic writing, acting and directing.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 12 Aug, 3pm, £14 (£12).

The Aspirations of Daise Morrow

  • 4 stars

Far and Away Productions in association with Brink Productions Australia's towering literary genius Patrick White's language is pure performance in this richly theatrical adaptation. Actors, musicians and audience share the space beneath a canvas of Australian sky. The work shifts and swirls, drawing the audience into the…