Di & Viv & Rose (In an Hour) (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Di & Viv & Rose (In an Hour)

Condensed version of play loses impact

Handmade Theatre present a condensed version of Amelia Bullmore's play about three unlikely friends who meet at university. Bullmore's script was lauded for presenting three unique women, without resorting to stereotypes or obvious character arcs. Unfortunately, in condensing the play to an hour, Handmade Theatre remove some of the nuance and genuine pathos.

The characters are engaging, from the bubbly and promiscuous Rose, to cynical lesbian Di, and determined Viv. Wisely, the young theatre company choose to focus on the play's university days. These scenes, as the young women navigate work, life and sex, are instantly recognisable, authentic and infectiously charming, as the future beckons them.

Sadly, as we skip forward in time (the shifts in music on the soundtrack presumably indicate new eras, but little else does), the trinity become recognisable and obvious plot points are hit purely as a way of moving the narrative forward. Despite this, Handmade should be commended for their handling of the early years of the story and the easy chemistry in these scenes does make the viewer curious as to where their friendship will go, even if the road ahead is not as well navigated.

C cubed, until 14 Aug, 5.45pm, £9.50–£10.50 (£7.50–£8.50).

Di & Viv & Rose (In an Hour) by Amelia Bullmore

  • 3 stars

Handmade Theatre ’Have you just got exactly what you wanted by working hard and wanting it?’ A courageous look at the enduring bond of friendship. Together three women rollercoaster their way through life, encountering sex, loss and all kinds of love. Following a sell-out run in London, Handmade Theatre's new condensed…