Daniel Muggleton: Mouth Breather (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Daniel Muggleton: Mouth Breather

A not-always successful straddling along the border of taste

This Australian stand-up's material ranges from the everyday (like arguments with his girlfriend) to the controversial (such as whether parents should smack their children) with a confident delivery and a sense of ease with the audience. Starting out with some remarks on group dynamics in social settings, i.e. the pub, his observations are solid and amusing if not hilarious.

But his swerve into more delicate topics does not take the audience along with him. The bashing of various countries is met with defensiveness rather than approval and Muggleton's pot-shots at several nations seem more calculated to mark him as edgy rather than coming from any deep-rooted ill-feeling. To be fair, he does market the show as being 'blunt and honest' in a way that usually just means politically incorrect.

This means that his section on the #MeToo movement and the revelations about Harvey Weinstein has the potential to be an offensive miss-step but he uses this topic as evidence that he is a decent bloke after all. After a final segment detailing an episode with his girlfriend, the jury is still out on whether Muggleton's angle of trying to straddle the line of offensiveness is a winner.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, until 26 Aug, 4pm, donations.

Daniel Muggleton – Mouth Breather

  • 2 stars

Mug and Kettle Comedy / Free Festival Australian comedian Daniel Muggleton’s blunt and honest stand-up is a breath of fresh air for audiences. Despite sold-out shows at festivals worldwide, being the first Australian to be produced by Grammy-award winning US label Comedy Dynamics and a couple of appearances on TV (The…