Peter Oborne

This article is from 2008

Peter Oborne

Is the strife in Iraq a conflict that can ever end?

At the start of 2006, Peter Oborne was unequivocal. ‘The invasion of Iraq is the greatest foreign policy disaster since Munich,’ he said at the start of his damning Dispatches documentary Iraq: the Reckoning. ‘And the government has reacted in an identical way by going into denial.’ Best known as a right-leaning commentator, turning out Blair-bashing columns for the Daily Mail and The Spectator, Oborne is no tree-hugging peacenik. But neither is he a knee-jerk patriot when faced by the facts of US and UK foreign policy. Two-and-a-half years on, he’s still certain the invasion was a ‘terrific error’, but he has become more interested in the question of who is really running Iraq.

‘Is it America, is it Iran or is it the militias? And what is the British role? It’s a fantastically important question and there are all kinds of answers. What is America doing with Iraq? It has formed alliances with its enemies, which is an amazing thing to do. It has formed alliances with former Al-Qaeda people and now it seems to have formed alliances with the Badr Brigades in order to weaken and attack the Mehdi Army. Is it a long-term solution or a short-term plaster?’

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