Alex Kealy: A Kealy's Heel (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Alex Kealy: A Kealy's Heel

A solid hour of liberal concerns and relationship matters

Early in the run, Alex Kealy is still trying out his material in front of a largely appreciative audience. In some ways, a Fringe comic's technique of pausing before announcing that a joke is going to be cut from the show should probably remain all month, given that, sadly, it can often offer up the biggest laughs. This is also true here, but it's not to say that Kealy doesn't have his crowd eating from his palm from time to time (though the amplification problems will hopefully be sorted out as some of his punchlines were garbled in a way they wouldn't have done had he gone commando (microphone-wise).

The liberal-left Remainer (you may have spotted a couple of those at this year's Fringe) gives both barrels to Woody Allen, talks a lot about his current relationship and is a little sad that his parents are not supportive of his career choice, albeit that they're coming from very different angles of disapproval. To those who cry foul at London being seen as the centre of the universe, he has a quick acronym to use as evidence, and he makes a good point when querying why newspapers are the same length every single day. Once the tweaks are ironed out, Kealy should be a sight and (hopefully) sound to behold.

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, until 26 Aug, 5.15pm, donations.

Alex Kealy: A Kealy's Heel

  • 3 stars

Alex Kealy Political comedian/ball of anxiety Alex Kealy honks on about love (passionate) and politics (jaded) for show number three. 'Hilariously funny' ★★★★ ( 'Ferociously quick-witted' ★★★★ ( 'Fresh, insightful and original… great hour of cerebral stand-up' ★★★★ (