Julia Sutherland: Exposed (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Julia Sutherland: Exposed

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Shining a light on her own faults and failings

Having interviewed many a comedian for various radio series, Julia Sutherland is now putting herself in the spotlight for a change. Slapping a series of carefully worded questions in the hands of a willing front-row member and then being interrogated by a familiar face on-screen, her aim is to expose the real Julia. After a knockabout beginning with very neat lines on her Glasgow residency and the sectarian acronyms graffitied across town, she does her best to promote her home town, even if it's just an observation on how slightly less violent it is these days.

An awkward moment arises when it's evident that a cousin of her ex-husband is in attendance, leading to a flushed Sutherland delivering material that puts either her former bloke or herself in a bad light (the story of her shopping for a bargain in a popular sex emporium with their ten-year-old son in tow is especially cringeworthy).

Exposed works well as Sutherland is never shy of taking herself down a peg or two, with self-deprecating remarks about her wardrobe and musical abilities (even when she's strapping herself into a guitar for a tune) while the comments section under her own internet comedy shorts would have most people rushing for the nearest bridge.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 27 Aug (not 13), 1.30pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Julia Sutherland: Exposed

  • 3 stars

Dabster Productions In her alter ego as broadcaster, Julia has interviewed dozens of top comedians, digging deep into their psyches, and having them share intimate details from their lives. Now, in this hilarious and unique multimedia stand-up comedy show, she faces her toughest subject yet: herself! If you enjoyed her…