Sian Docksey: Interdependent Woman (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Sian Docksey: Interdependent Woman

Some lovely moments drowned by its nautical theme

Siân Docksey presents a one-woman odyssey of stand-up, skits and songs anchored by the premise that she told her mum she was a successful cruise-ship comedian and now has to prove it. The theme is maritime, from sea shanties to messages in bottles, and the segments are split between her travel pretence and the more political material Docksey says she would rather be doing.

If stars were awarded on effort alone then Docksey would be rolling in them, but unfortunately very little of her carefully crafted material survives the leap from idea to execution. The conceit about being on a cruise ship doesn't add much to the show until the near the end, when a snarky whale makes an appearance. Many of the props that she's gone to the trouble of making are a little too small to make an impact past the first row, and a laboured bit of business with a camcorder inconveniences an audience member to no pay-off whatsoever.

There are some lovely moments peppered throughout, including the aforementioned marine mammal and a clever interpretation of chess, but the rest of the gags have been cast adrift in a sea of lost opportunities.

Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom, until 26 Aug (not 6, 13, 20), 1.15pm, donations.

Interdependent Woman

  • 2 stars

Siân Docksey Siân's mum is worried about her. So Siân has told her she's a successful stand-up comedian on a cruise ship. This is a show that aims to maintain that lie. A fresh stand-up show about neo-liberalism and being at sea from an avocado-carrying member of the millennial snowflake brigade. Previous praise: featured…