Lady Rizo (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Lady Rizo

Alberto Rodriguez de Miguel

Challenging mix of sequins and politics

Lady Rizo's voice packs a lot of power, and she commands the stage with all the prowess that a blonde bombshell in head-to-toe sparkles deserves. The show begins with a lot of promise, and her sexy, witty, domineering personality has the audience laughing and whistling approval … but then it all seems to get a bit serious.

The bedazzled starlet initially promises a light-hearted distraction from the current political and humanitarian crisis in America, but soon the performance takes on the form of a left-wing crusade, and her impressive vocals become the side show. It's a noble call to anti-facist action, but it doesn't quite fit with the rest of this all-singing, all-dancing show. From criticising the second amendment, she breaks into a fabulous rendition of 'Bang Bang' by Nancy Sinatra.

But perhaps that is exactly the point; the public shouldn't be seeking distraction from what's happening across the world, but instead rising up in protest. At one point Rizo is visibly shocked and chastises the females in the audience for their failure to participate in any recent women's marches.

The audience leave, not knowing whether to sing and dance, feel ashamed for their political passivity, or empowered to start plotting their next protest.

Assembly Hall, until 19 Aug (not 8, 13), 9.10pm, £14 (£12).

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