Suzi Ruffell: Nocturnal (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Suzi Ruffell: Nocturnal

A born worrier and a natural stand-up

What's keeping Suzi Ruffell 'nocturnal' is worry. Specifically that 3am 'press conference' when all her concerns congregate to compete to be the biggest anxiety, all the way from North Korea's nuclear arsenal to the state of Britney Spears' mental health. Ruffell was born a worrier and isn't convinced it's wise to let go of that. After all something might just happen.

One thing Ruffell shouldn't need to worry about is her reviews as she just seems to get better and better year on year. Tonight she's positively bursting with comedic energy and the gags tumble out at a breakneck rate: blink and another punchline has flown by. Nor does she miss a beat either, as this is a honed hour full of beautifully turned phrases plus a hilarious stand-out piece featuring her extremely reluctant meeting with a stingray called Barbara that conjures cartoon images in your mind.

But one worry that underlies the show, providing it with its poignant touch, is the presence of an internet troll who regularly gets in touch to remind Ruffell that homophobia is still rife in the world. There's a fair way to go just yet and Suzi Ruffell is starting with Disney.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 Aug (not 13), 9.45pm, £8.50–£11 (£7.50–£10).

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