I Am Ross Smith (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

I Am Ross Smith

credit: Matt Crockett

Turning a gift into gold

Given how wide-reaching the press story was when it happened back in March, you may well already know the story at the centre of Ross Smith's show. Whilst at a party where he was very much not enjoying himself, Smith got a Facebook message from someone he didn't know offering him a plane ticket to Hamburg in his name because their mate and his namesake couldn't make it.

For a comedian, this is a gift: heading off on a weekend away with complete strangers is pretty much a readymade Edinburgh solo show. But for Smith, who perennially feels as ordinary as his name, it was way out of his comfort zone.

Add in some skilfully put together films, a bit of PowerPoint and a load of quick-fire gags, and the result is a fantastic coming-of-age tale, albeit for a man who is already 29. Nevertheless, his message is strong: sometimes you have to try stuff that makes you afraid even if your common sense – and your adrenaline – is screaming at you not to do it. An assured debut, and it'll be great to hear more from him.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, until 26 Aug (not 13), 12.40pm, £5 (£3) in advance or donation at the venue.

I Am Ross Smith

  • 4 stars

Ross Smith On March 20th, 7:13pm. Ross Smith received a message from a stranger, with an even stranger invitation. What followed is the incredible true story of an ordinary name leading to an extraordinary adventure. I Am Ross Smith is the eagerly anticipated debut show of rising comedian Ross Smith. Join him on a…