Ashley Storrie: Adulting (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Ashley Storrie: Adulting

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Hard-hitting personal humour that's for everyone

Ashley Storrie's compere skills are well-known on the comedy circuit, as are her viral videos which have stacked up millions of views over time. But in her brand-new show Adulting, the stand-up takes centre stage as she reveals some hard truths about growing up when everyone still views you in some capacity as a child.

What starts off as a monologue on the precarious nature of becoming an adult ends in a declaration of mutual support for women who, like her, have been afraid of getting a potentially life-saving smear test simply because of self-consciousness and embarrassment. The frank and unashamed delivery of her personal anecdotes and assessments on life emphasise some of the heavier elements of her hour, which in turn draw attention to her passionate narration. Storrie also meditates on the #MeToo movement and her own experience of unwanted male attention with an anger and disgust (and hilarious solution) that women everywhere can relate to.

Ultimately, with standing-room only at tonight's performance, Storrie is an undeniably popular rising talent in Scottish comedy but while her cheeky banter and region-specific jokes are appreciated, it's not only the Scots in the room that are ready to get on board.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, until 26 Aug, 8pm, donations.

Ashley Storrie: Adulting

  • 4 stars

Ashley Storrie by arrangement for Corrie McGuire Management Scotland's favourite funny girl and viral internet sensation Ashley Storrie returns to Edinburgh with a brand-new show about not growing up. With the world most likely ending quite soon, Ashley believes we should all have a laugh and be a bit more honest…