Charlie Baker Presents: The Greatest Goat of All Time (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Charlie Baker Presents: The Greatest Goat of All Time

Sweet and silly show with something for everyone

This two-hander featuring actor/comedians Charlie Baker and Sam Battersea (known respectively from Harry Hill's Tea Time and CBBC's Class Dismissed) makes a decent fist of creating a show that appeals to everyone. A fairytale with a contemporary edge, it also serves as a vehicle for Baker's gregarious sense of showboating humour. When he tries out a rap filtered through his own upbringing in the Devon countryside, for example, he introduces it as 'clip-clop' music; it's 'cultural approximation', not appropriation, he pleads with us breathlessly.

Yet there's sweetness as well as silliness here, in the tale of a shy songwriter named Glenda who is bequeathed a singing goat by her lonely farmer landlord, Doug, when he moves to Australia, and who takes it out on the road. In many ways this is Battersea's show, or at least her character leads the way throughout. But it's Baker's all-action silliness which adds an unpredictable spark to play off against Battersea's gentle storytelling reserve, as she enhances the story with overhead projector shadow puppetry. The balance between each style isn't always even, but the results are sweet and funny.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 26 Aug (not 21), 3pm, £10--£8.50 (£9--£7.50).

Charlie Baker Presents: The Greatest Goat of All Time

  • 3 stars

Off the Kerb Productions Ltd. World premiere of this fresh, funny, fantastical story starring award-winning comedian, singer and dancer Charlie Baker (Harry Hill's Tea Time, Dog Ate My Homework, Doctor Who) and BAFTA-winning CBBC Class Dismissed actress Sam Battersea. Live clip-clop hip-hop soundtrack accompanies our hero…