Yana Alana: Between the Cracks (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Yana Alana: Between the Cracks

credit. Peter Leslie

Blue body paint, fierce commentary and intelligent musical numbers

She may be known in Australia as the queen of queer cabaret, but Yana Alana's name is not as prevalent in Edinburgh, despite her popularity around the world as a cult performer and diva extraordinaire.

In Between the Cracks, she muses on topics ranging from sexual politics to the state of her mental health, with her dynamic vocals backed by multi-instrumentalists Bec Matthews and Louise Goh, whose on-stage banter and asides with Ward add an extra element of hilarity and theatricality. Her self-deprecation and anxiety is coupled with a confidence that rings out in numbers like Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' and her own stunning 'I'm Blue'. She even blows her own horn at one point, literally picking up a blue trumpet to bust out a divine instrumental break.

Clad in blue body paint, sparkly blue platform wedges and a blue bouffant-style wig, performance artist Sarah Ward's character traverses territory that is both amusing and vital, confronting topics that force the audience to view a piece of themselves in this naked blue enigma. Her first ever run at the Fringe is everything you'd want from a cabaret show and more; subversive, provocative and fiercely intelligent.

Assembly Checkpoint, until 26 Aug (not 8, 13, 20), 8pm, £12–£13.

Yana Alana – Between the Cracks

  • 4 stars

Briefs Factory Australia's favourite feather-ruffling, rabble-rousing, cabaret anarchist and neo-punk diva, Yana Alana bares all in this bent night of blues, boobs and blame. Exposing mental health, sexual politics, feminism and identity. Queer as hell, demonically talented, rudely brilliant. 'It's a shame we can only…