Garry Star Performs Everything (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Garry Star Performs Everything

c. Dallas Bland

A ballsy interactive affair with a big mission statement at its throbbing core

With his shock of curly hair, Elizabethan ruff, leather jacket and way-too-prominent crotch area, Garry Starr (aka the Gaulier-trained Damien Warren-Smith) certainly cuts a striking figure. Chucking out some wildly exaggerated movements and outlandish gestures, this Australian ac-tor has one simple ambition: to change the pitiful landscape of theatre for good.

So, this hour showcases Starr's all-consuming talents in everything from ballet to Pinter, burlesque to mask, and butoh to Wicked. As the title suggests, this might ultimately be a one-man mission, but help is required in the guise of continuous audience participation. While there are moments here that on other nights might have the picked-upon wanting to curl up and die, this particular crowd is dotted with extroverts who are very game for a laugh.

And no matter what feats of awkwardness Starr puts them through in the name of rescuing romantic comedy or saving Shakespearean tragedy, this malaprop-heavy character is never more committed to a cause than when it comes to trashing his own dignity. The Royal Shakespeare Company may have shunned this inspirational if flawed creative type, but Stratford-upon-Avon's loss is Edinburgh's gain. Garry Starr Performs Everything is a brazen and often hilarious treat with jeopardy written into every scene.

Underbelly, Cowgate, until 26 Aug (not 13), 8.10pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10).

Garry Starr Performs Everything

  • 4 stars

Plague of Idiots, Stamptown and Pietagogetter present Disgraced actor Garry Starr is going it alone. Following his dismissal from the Royal Shakespeare Company due to "artistic differences", he is determined to defy his critics by performing every single genre of theatre in under 60 minutes, thus saving the performing…